The cen­tral image of this series is based on the view from my apart­ment stu­dio win­dow over­look­ing the Hud­son. The win­dow, unseen but implic­it, becomes a kind of mem­brane between the indi­vid­ual and the larg­er word and serves as a screen onto which pri­vate rumi­na­tions are pro­ject­ed. Thoughts of vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty, dan­ger, beau­ty, mor­tal­i­ty, iso­la­tion, tran­sience, etc. appear as mem­o­ry traces, shift­ing and trans­form­ing the expe­ri­ence of the view­er. The title of the piece derives from the com­mon phrase “turn a blind eye” – which means to delib­er­ate­ly ignore evi­dence often for rea­sons of the heart or to excuse — has been made plur­al as if a habit, and then eyes trans­mor­phosed into “ice” for its abil­i­ty to freeze emo­tion or understanding.

A selec­tion from a larg­er series.
2003, foto-pro­jec­tions, cibachrome, 20”x24”.