This piece, La Guar­ida, which means “to haunt” or “lurk,” is based on a spe­cific site in Havana, Cuba, which I vis­ited last year. The grand, turn of the cen­tury man­sion of which you see a sin­gle view, has become home and fac­tory to at least 50 fam­i­lies who have carved out their per­sonal spaces from the elab­o­rate struc­ture of the build­ing. This piece per­forms a kind of archae­o­log­i­cal explo­ration of this spe­cific place and of the city as I expe­ri­enced it and an exam­i­na­tion of the way peo­ple have trans­formed their architecture.

A selec­tion from a larger series.
2001, foto-projections, cibachrome, 30”x40”.