An instal­la­tion com­mis­sioned by the South­east Museum of Pho­tog­ra­phy and Fotofest and shown both at that museum and the Hous­ton Cen­ter for Pho­tog­ra­phy, Fotofest.

Tun­nel Visions is based on a train ride through the jun­gle from Colombo to the old cap­i­tal of Kandy. I have con­fab­u­lated the tun­nel with the sacred sites — the caves and carved rock tem­ples of the “cul­tural tri­an­gle”. You see the con­tem­po­rary Lankan world melded with spe­cific, rev­e­la­tory aspects of the sacred sites –the guardian fig­ures that mark the entrance to the holy places, frag­ments of the fres­coes from the inte­ri­ors of tem­ples, and ele­ments of the actual spec­tac­u­lar landscape.

A selec­tion from a larger series.
1995, foto-projections, cibachrome 30”x40”.