Insti­tute for Archi­tec­ture and Urban Stud­ies, NYC, Nas­sau Coun­try Museum (NY), Gal­le­ria AAM, Rome (“Image of the Home”), and the Politec­nico di Roma.

Cat­a­log essay by Alessan­dra La Tour, reprinted in Con­tro­spazio, The New York Times

The result­ing pho­to­graphic image, exhib­ited with the draw­ing, is extra­or­di­nary the way it com­poses art, real­ity, and time…only Nancy Goldring offers a kind of evoca­tive vision that is part of the uni­ver­sal expe­ri­ence.” — Ada Louis Huxtable

A Clear Day No Memories

Catastrophe Window

Hee’s Window

Image of the Home